Deborah Estrin is a Professor of Computer Science at Cornell Tech in New York City. She is founder of the Health Tech Hub in the Jacobs Institute and directs the Small Data Lab at Cornell Tech. She holds The Robert V. Tishman Founder’s Chair and has recently taken on a leadership role as Associate Dean. Her current research focus is on mobile health and small data, leveraging the pervasiveness of mobile devices and digital interactions for health and life management (TEDMED). Estrin co-founded the non-profit startup, Open mHealth and sits on several scientific advisory boards for early stage mobile health startups.

Previously, Estrin was on the UCLA faculty where she was the Founding Director of the NSF Center for Embedded Networked Sensing (CENS), pioneering the development of mobile and wireless systems to collect and analyze real time data about the physical world. Her honors include: ACM Athena Lecture (2006), Anita Borg Institute's Women of Vision Award for Innovation (2007), The American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2007), The National Academy of Engineering (2009), The IEEE Internet Award (2017).

Current collaborators include: Tanzeem Choudhury, Geri Gay, Ari Juels, Helen Nissenbaum, JP Pollak, M. Carrington Reid, Ida Sim, Daniel Stein


  • Small Data
  • Small Data are the myriad of data traces we each generate everyday. Unfortunately, that data is often unavailable to us in a form that we can make sense of or act upon. Imagine a special kind of app running in the cloud that privately and securely turns your small data into big insights

    Creating an ecosystem around small data

  • Health Tech Hub
  • Fall 2015 Teaching: CS5555 Health Tech, Data, Systems

    We are launching a Masters of Science program in Health Tech Fall 2015 and are accepting applications for Fall 2016.

    Our NSF funded research project with Cornell Information Sciences in Ithaca and Weill Cornell Medical College is developing new ways of measuring, and ultimately managing, pain (NSF Painless). NSF Painless project is funded by National Science Foundation Award 1344587.

  • Open mHealth
  • Open mHealth works with clinical experts and app and device developers to make digital health data as useful and actionable as possible. The open API platform gives developers a way to easily produce, access and integrate clinically meaningful and actionable data. Open mHealth builds products designed to support collaborative, connected, personalized care, that demonstrate the power of our open platform.

    The small data lab has built an open source, open mhealth compliant system to support rapid prototyping and small scale pilots. such as the NSF Painless project mentioned above. The software itself is available open source and described here (ohmage-omh).

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Selected Presentations

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